Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things are looking up!

With the housing market returning the home remodeling industry is starting to show signs of growth. We came across this great article in the Northwest Indiana Times that gives some great insights on what to expect in the coming year. Definitely a must read for anyone in or interested in the industry. Check out the brief below and click here to read the entire article?

Courtesy of Elaine Griffin Design
Most remodeling experts say that upgrading kitchens and baths
provide big returns. According to the last report
from, bathrooms tied with kitchens
for the room most home remodelers plan to improve this year.
At Home: Remodeling — On the right side of the statistics, for once.

Generally speaking, I am not a numbers person. That is, I only like statistics when they support what I want to believe: Weight down, bank account up. If they don’t, I pretty much stick a finger in each ear, squeeze my eyes closed, and make insect noises.

Thus, for the last four years, I have avoided any real estate news. Hearing the data about how house poor we all were just made me want to dive head first down the garbage disposal.

And that is not becoming.

But this week, as I heard promising rumblings about the home remodeling and sales market, I perked up. I cracked open one eye. Pulled my finger out of one ear, and darn if I didn’t find … now hold onto yourselves … good news.

Reports are showing that the housing market is coming ever-so-slowly back from a four-year coma, and it’s bringing the remodeling market along with it.

Builder confidence is the highest it’s been in 6.5 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo survey.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air!

It's that magical day of the year, when hopeless love is everywhere around us. In the Valentine's Day spirit we wanted to share some fantastic home remodeling inspiration with romance in mind. We came across this fantastic article on, that showcases some of the most beautiful homes we've seen to date. Take a look at these beauties and let them conjure up images of what your next remodel could mean for you and that special someone. Click here for the entire article, and Happy Valentines Day!

'I'm With Cupid' — 10 Spaces That Shoot for Romance With the Roman God

What's with Cupid anyway? And how did he (it's a he, right?) become such a prominent symbol of Valentine's Day recognition? Yeah, yeah, Roman god of desire — we get it. Just tighten that sash, would you? Perhaps even more intriguing: The seminude, bow-and-arrow-toting, horn-blowing figure seems to pop up in home decor almost as often as on Hallmark cards in February. Cupids are depicted as wall art, in statues and even in the garden. Sometimes they're large and commanding; sometimes they're subtler. See if you can spot them all here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Protecting your home before and after a snow storm

We are in the heart of winter and it's crucial that you know how to protect your home from all the weather that comes with this tumultuous season. Snow storms can be particularly dangerous for homeowners causing leaks, blocking vents, freezing pipes, as well as a slew of other issues they cause. We found a fantastic article that discusses various ways you can protect your home from snowstorms before and after they hit. Check out a brief of the article below and click here to read the entire piece!

Protecting Your Home Before & After a Snow Storm
By: Kamala1C's blog
  • Keeping water away from the house is important. Clear out any basement window wells of snow or water to prevent it from seeping through window frames.
  • Create a barrier of packed snow around basement window wells to prevent water from running into them.
  • Shovel snow away from beside the home’s walls if possible to reduce water intrusion.
  • Make sure that water overflowing from eavestroughs and downspouts runs away from the house.
  • Remove snow from doors and windows to prevent water intrusion. Windows facing directly against the snow or wind may be more prone to heavy snow damage.
  • Clear the areas around exhaust pipes and air vents on heaters, furnaces and dryers.
  • Watch out for snow-covered trees close to buildings since branches can break and cause damage to nearby structures.
  • Ensure that all drains and gutters are free from dirt and debris. Make sure to chip away any ice covering drains.
  • Excess snow on roofs that melts quickly can freeze in the eaves and cause ice dams where the melting snow seeps under the shingles. Remove snow using a roof rake or hire a roofing professional. Insulating the attic area to keep it cold can also reduce rapid melting and the risk of ice dams.
  • Make sure to remove snow blocking roof vents.

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