Friday, September 30, 2011

House Doctor Franchise Opportunites

While a major advantage of investing in a franchise is potentially faster growth from the outset, one additional and distinct benefit to investing in the House Doctors handyman franchise is that we offer one of the most powerful marketing systems in the Home Repair industry.

The Security of House Doctors Home Office Support Support and communication from the House Doctors Home Office is paramount in maintaining confidence and consistency with our franchise owners. Our support program includes unlimited telephone contact, regular updates to the marketing program, continuing education, regional and national meetings, and much, much more…

Marketing Tools
A distinguishing feature of House Doctors handyman franchise is our unique year-round marketing system. This complete marketing system will give you the competitive edge you need to dominate your market.
  • Professionally Designed Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Newspaper/Magazine Ads
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Seasonal Campaigns
  • Booths for Trade Shows
  • Toll-free Number
  • Professional Internet Presence
  • Brand Recognition

Training and Continuing Education
The House Doctors training program has rightfully earned a distinguished reputation in the industry. During our comprehensive training course, you will learn how to successfully manage a House Doctors Handyman Franchise. We cover everything from initial set-up to marketing for growth from recruiting your Service Technicians to finding your customers. Our training and support is ongoing for the life of your franchise.

The Training includes:
  • Fast Start Program – Our Pre-Training designed to ensure the best start
  • Classroom Training – How to operate a successful House Doctors Franchise
  • ServiceCEO – Our outstanding Online Management software
  • Manuals – Your reference guide as you grow
  • DVDs – For reference and training of your staff
  • Intranet – Communication and contact with your fellow Franchisees
  • Site Visits – Visits from the Home Office staff
  • Regional Meetings – An opportunity to network with fellow Franchisees
  • Annual Convention – Learning, networking, accolades and fun. An incredible annual experience.

Additional House Doctors Franchise Benefits
  • National Accounts – The Home Office is committed to building relationships with National Companies who will use the services of our Franchisees
  • National Discounts – The Home Office is dedicated to building relationships with National Companies who will offer services at discounted pricing to our Franchisees
  • National Brand Identity – The Home Office is devoted to building Brand awareness Nationally for the benefit of our Franchisees

Friday, September 23, 2011

This New House: Less Housing Turnover Leads to More Home Repairs

Though most Americans aren’t buying new houses these days, they’re working harder than ever to preserve the homes they live in. Currently, the two largest home repair trends are going green and aging in place, according to the National Home Builders Association.

Handyman franchise House Doctors is seeing these trends unfold firsthand. Launched in 1996, the company’s 90 locations have witnessed the rise of the green movement, and, in response, have developed best-practice methods for helping homeowners reduce their utility costs and do their part to protect the environment.

“There are a lot of simple upgrades we make to our customers’ homes to help them improve their energy efficiency,” said Jim Hunter, House Doctors’ Chief Executive and President. “We install highly-efficient shower-heads and faucets, shrink and seal window kits to eliminate draft through window panes, change light bulbs and light fixtures, and fit outlet caps all to help homeowners become more environmentally friendly.”

While green retrofits are important and responsible, aging baby boomers need home improvements like ground floor bedrooms, hand rails, slip-resistant flooring, ramps, and wheelchair access now.

Every 7.7 seconds an American baby boomer turns 60. This aging populating will soon face a myriad of health problems that will require them to either leave their homes, or make immediate improvements to enable them to age in place and with dignity. Since many boomers lost a significant portion of their retirement savings in the recent economic downturn, they’re looking to stay in their current residences as long as possible, rather than selling in a down market and having to search for a new home.

“What’s unique about House Doctors’ handymen is that we build a relationship with our customers, so they know they can call on us for any task, no matter how small or large,” Hunter said. “Particularly for the aging seniors, we’re available for everything from light bulb changes to extensive renovations.”

House Doctors looks for franchisees that share its vision of bringing professionalism to the often fragmented and unreliable handymen industry. Ideal candidates should have some business or management experience, be comfortable managing a team of handyman, and have access to roughly $80,000 of start-up capital for the initial franchisee fee, company vans, and local marketing.

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Hunter. “The downturn in the housing market opened a window of opportunity in the home repair industry. Aging homes and homeowners have an increasing number of repair needs, and we’re prepared to help our customers meet these demands in a timely and professional manner.”

In addition to an affordable start-up cost, House Doctors is also differentiating itself from franchisor competition with its profit margin, of about 20 percent.

“We have strategically prepared our concept for any economic situation,” Hunter said. “This positioning has increased interest among would-be entrepreneurs and has maintained our growth even in a down economy.”

Friday, September 16, 2011

House Doctors DIY Disasters winner announced

House Doctors recently concluded our DIY Disasters contest, in which fans of our Facebook page submitted pictures or stories of a DIY project that went wrong. Check out the winning entry from Ted W. of Cincinnati, OH:

During a minor basement remodel, the gas dryer was to be moved about 18 inches to make room for a wall. No big deal, right?

After already using the wrong paint on the floor and destroying a lamp during the demolition of an old wall, I thought this would be something simple to accomplish. So, before going out for the evening, and while waiting on my wife to get ready, I thought I would go down and simply move it.

I got my arms around the dryer, took a good lifting posture, and shoved it!. Immediately, I heard a “snap” and then a loud “whoosing” sound… followed by the distinct odor of natural gas.

The gas line running from the supply to the dryer itself was the old fashion galvanized pipe and not the new flexible tubing. I had snapped the vertical pipe from the horizontal run in the rafter… snapped it right off so it would not even thread back.

After scrambling for a few moments to try and put it back together, and realizing the futility of that, I ran to the main gas shut off for the house. It must have been years since that lever was pulled and it would not budge.

Meanwhile the whole basement had started to fill up with gas. I ran upstairs and got the wife and the dog out of the house. Went back down to try again with a wrench and still no luck. We ended up calling the gas company emergency line and they did not seem to be too concerned by saying someone will be out within the hour.

So, with the entire house now filling up with gas, I called 911. Less than 2 minutes later a large fire truck comes down the street. By this time, you can smell the gas in the street! Two firemen go into the house and I show them where it is. Neither of them could move the lever and they were both significantly larger, stronger and younger than me. When the 2nd fire department vehicle showed up, he had a special tool that shut the gas off.

Lesson learned!

Ted took home a $400 gift card for his story. Congratulations!
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