Friday, August 12, 2011

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

A House Doctors handyman franchise is a tremendous business opportunity. An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime.

The Home Repair and Handyman industry in North America is growing significan
tly due to the increase in home ownership and the aging housing stock.

Combine this with changes in the demographics of our society, the “Baby Boomers” nearing retirement age, “Dual-Income Families” struggling with time restraints, and many professionals who do not have the necessary skills to do their own home repairs or handyman work, and you soon realize that we are now part of the growing “do it for me” society.

Despite all of this, the industry is still fragmented. Customers have challenges finding a professional handyman to do the small but important jobs around their home.

The “To Do” lists continue to multiply and grow. The House Doctors Handyman Franchise is the answer.

As a House Doctors Handyman and Home Improvement Franchisee, you will operate in this booming industry, but you do not do the handyman work yourself. Instead, you employ service technicians, who are then scheduled to go out and work in North America’s homes. You are a manager of the business, and your role includes the recruiting, training, and motivation of your staff, and the marketing and planning responsibilities within your handyman franchise.

At House Doctors, our most successful franchisees are not an actual handyman in their businesses but the managers and marketers. They are people from all walks of life who had a dream of controlling their own destiny and realized what a fantastic business opportunity House Doctors is.

You bring to us the people and management skills, you realize the importance of and are committed to marketing, and you have a driving desire to be successful. We give you the tools and support you need to utilize your strengths.

The House Doctors Handyman and Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity offers you many benefits:

  • Booming industry
  • Fast Start Program
  • Low initial investment
  • Ability to start from home or a small office
  • Normal business hours
  • A protected territory
  • Cash business for most transactions
  • Minimal inventory
  • Repeat customers
For more information on franchising opportunities with House Doctors, visit our website.
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