Monday, September 24, 2012

House Doctors CEO Sees Industry Uptick, Seizes Opportunity to Buy Own Company

Over the last few years, less new homes have been built so existing homes have taken up the slack. There is a huge shift in property needs taking place as the “baby boomers” become the “seniors of tomorrow.” Smaller homes with bathrooms on the ground level are becoming more popular. “Aging in place” modifications to existing homes is the fastest growth part of the remodeling industry at the moment.

This “aging in place” remodeling trend helped create an uptick in the home improvement sector, according to Milford, OH-based House Doctors, a 17-year-old, 90-plus-unit professional handyman service. Company executives cite an increase in average jobs throughout the country and record franchise owner sales growth quarter over quarter. In fact, it was the reason CEO Jim Hunter purchased the House Doctors company himself.

Since September 2007, Hunter has been CEO and president of House Doctors (also known as House Medic in some areas). A veteran of the franchising industry from both the franchisor and franchisee perspective, Hunter performed exceedingly well since being recruited by Paul Spires, Jr., who founded House Doctors in 1995. Spires launched the company while still in his early 20s, but sought Hunter's franchising experience and knowledge to increase House Doctors' brand awareness and foster its growth.

Now, Jim Hunter has invested into the home sector by choosing to own the brand he ran as its CEO. House Doctors has enjoyed system-wide sales and growth success and will continue use its success and new ownership to expand more throughout the country.
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